More than just a plant

To reach a comprehensive solution for a plant, we do not only consider the plant itself, but also the periphery beyond it. Therefore, the AICHELIN product portfolio also includes protective gas generators, cleaning systems, and material and batch accumulators.

Moreover, we have put energy efficiency and automation technology in the focus of our plant solutions.


Your mobile maintenance and service assistant for heat treatment plants.

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Focos 4.0

FOCOS 4.0 - Automation technology

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Based on the different requirements regarding power class, cleaning quality, flexibility, and protection of the environment, AICHELIN has developed a plethora of cleaning systems over the years.

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Gas carburization processes and other heat treatment processes with protective gas are very demanding for the controllability of the atmosphere.

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With our long-standing experience, we are able to support you in planning new plants or optimizing existing ones. The economies arising due to more efficient energy and media consumption also lead to significant cost savings for you.

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Quenching Equipment

At Bosio we offer auxiliary equipment for heat treatment systems.

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Industrial Washing Machine

At Bosio we offer different types of industrial baths and washing machines, which can be electrically or gas heated.

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Bosio product portfolio also includes manipulators and other load handling solutions.

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