Welcome to our value system.

Best possible customer benefit - this is the core value that shapes our business strategy and our daily work. Our values form the basis for this. They create open exchange within the group, with our customers and partners, and they help us to keep evolving.


We practice openness and transcend borders for new products, markets, and ideas. Together and in collaboration with our business partners, we interact in a transparent and honest manner.

Error management

We deal openly and with understanding with mistakes and use their potential to teach us. Our constructive error management is an important contribution to innovation and success.


We see changes as opportunities to advance our competences, services and products. Regular trainings for our employees and a dynamic organization are the foundation for this. 


We set challenging goals for ourselves and use them to actively shape the future. In doing so, we ensure that our actions are committed to the task; we work with conviction and stand by our decisions.


We treat the people around us with respect and acknowledge their performance and their work. Personal trust and looking towards a common future is important to us.


Solid values create reliability, and reliability creates sustainable partnerships. These partnerships are the result of decade-long experience with our products and processes, and they comprise all aspects of our daily work. We want it to be noticeable at all times.