December 15, 2021

Thomas Dopler - new CTO of AICHELIN Group

Thomas Dopler, who has been working within AICHELIN Group in many different functions for over 13 years, is new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of AICHELIN Holding GmbH. In this role, he is responsible for positioning AICHELING Group as a technology partner of the industry to contribute to a further reduction of CO2 emissions in heat treatment.

 With “AICHELIN goes Green”, AICHELIN Group is taking a strong stand on the path towards a sustainable, CO2-neutral future. This will be implemented in new plants at first, as they already meet the top efficiency requirements. But AICHELIN also contributes to climate protection in the areas of service, namely when it comes to the modernizations of existing plants. One example of this is the use of state-of-the-art heating technology, with which AICHELIN reduces the CO2 footprint of its customers. 

AICHELIN also serves important future markets that work towards CO2 neutrality, such as wind energy and the production of highly efficient electric engines and battery cells for electro-mobility. 

Moreover, Thomas Dopler will continue to advance on the path of digitization that AICHELIN has successfully been on for many years, with products such as FOCOS 4.0 and #jakob, the digital maintenance assistant.


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