How can I apply for a job at AICHELIN Group?

We prefer applications via e-mail. Please refer to the contact details indicated on the respective company websites.

Are the vacancies listed on the website always up to date? 

Usually, all openings are published on our website and are updated regularly.

What do I do if I am interested in more than one position and would like to apply for multiple openings?

Send us your application documents and indicate which positions you are interested in.

Can I also apply for positions that are not currently vacant?

We are happy to accept your unsolicited application and will contact you as soon as a position opens up that is in line with your experience and qualifications.

What is the application process at AICHELIN like?

We will carefully check your application by comparing our job profile with your experience and qualifications. Applicants who meet the requirements are invited to job interviews with the relevant technical and personnel department. If you make it on the shortlist of candidates, we also offer dates for tryouts where you will be able to get a more detailed overview of our work. Upon your request, you will always be informed about the status of your application.

Do you offer internships?

Several AICHELIN companies offer summer internships. Depending on the available resources, the number of internship placements including the appropriate supervision is determined every year. Please contact the relevant companies for more information.